General Questions

What are the variable speed options for the SwimCross™ Exercise Systems?

The SwimCross Exercise System is driven by two 2.5 horsepower pumps. The top three jets are driven by a pump with two speeds: Hi-Low-Off. The bottom two jets are driven by a pump with one speed: On-Off. The combination of this configuration will create five speed options. The chart below details the five options:

Speed Options Top 3 Jets Bottom 2 Jets
Option 1 High On
Option 2 Low On
Option 3 Off On
Option 4 High Off
Option 5 Low Off
Option 6 Off Off

What is the difference between Endless Pools® SwimCross Exercise Systems jets vs other jetted swim spas?

Our SwimCross Exercise System is differentiated from the competition by four core features.

  1. We do not introduce air into our swim jets. Some competitors do this in an attempt to provide multiple speed options. Introducing air creates too much turbulence for the swimmer which can become very uncomfortable over time and makes it difficult to swim. Additionally, the combination of air generates a lot of action (i.e. bubbles) that will drastically impact the swimmer’s visibility. Should they have a training mirror placed at the bottom of the swim section, it would be difficult to see.
  2. The integration of a steel frame even in our entry level price point provides confidence in quality and durability for consumers. The steel frame gives the consumer confidence knowing that they have invested in a product built with a solid structure and built for longevity. While other manufacturers require an upcharge for this feature, it is standard for all Endless Pools® Fitness Systems.
  3. We approached the swim spa product category as a design opportunity. Working with Designworks, a BMW Group Company, we were able to differentiate ourselves by design. We focused on every detail and created a stunning visual for all audiences.
  4. Cabinetry – we leveraged BMW custom-designed exterior to deliver new and enhanced aesthetics unlike others. The “T” spacer is an engineering innovation, which runs vertical on the cabinetry. It that allows the cabinetry to flow freely and expand or contract as ambient temperatures change.
  5. As the innovator of the swim in place category, the Endless Pools brand is iconic and it resonates with consumers.


What are the Endless Pools Swim Machine speeds?

The maximum speed of the Endless Pool Swim Machine is 3 miles per hour. For a swimmer it is equivalent to 1:08 per 100 yards. The chart below will provide some reference points of the Swim Machine speed variability:


Swim Machine Speed (Minutes : Seconds) Miles Per Hour
1:08 3.0
1:30 2.3
1:45 1.9
2:00 1.7
2:30 1.4
3:00 1.1
4:00 0.9
5:00 0.7

We recommend that all Endless Pools Fitness Systems use a Pace Display that will provide Swim Machine speed readings.

What is the speed of the Treadmill?

The Endless Pool Fitness System Treadmill has the ability to achieve a maximum of 5.5 miles per hour speed with low impact. When combined with the Swim Machine counter current, the use of the treadmill becomes a great low impact workout.

We recommend that all Endless Pools Fitness Systems use a Pace Display that will provide Treadmill speed readings.

What is the difference between Endless Pools Swim Machine versus Jetted swim experience?

Jets provide a powerful force that is limited in width – thus when you swim in place with jets, you feel the strong, concentrated force that can make it difficult to swim for extended periods of time.

Endless Pools swim propulsion system uses a propeller to pull the water up into the machine, conditioned by the internal grill, then forced into the turning vanes, and finally through one more grill before exiting the machine and surrounding the swimmer. This flow of water is wider and deeper than the swimmer’s body and is extremely gentle and soft. Because of the width and thickness, it will comfortably hold all swimmers in place, no matter the level of swimmer.

A visual representation of the jetted technology is to imagine a small fan or a box fan on a desk that also delivers a strong concentrated force that provides strong air movement that will disturb the papers or magazines on your desk. To represent the Endless Pools Swim Machine, imagine sitting under a ceiling fan as it moves a larger volume of air with less force; all individuals in the room will enjoy the wider breadth of the fan, and all papers and magazines on your desk will remain in place!

Can hair cause damage to the Swim Machine and is a swim cap necessary?

There is minimal risk of the Hydraulic Propeller becoming clogged with hair. The grated cylinder provides protection from the hair. However, it is recommended that swimmers with long hair do use a swim cap to protect their hair from the water or sunlight, and to minimize water entering the ear when used with ear plugs.

All Endless Pools Fitness Systems and SwimCross Exercise Systems are compliant to the Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Pool & Spa Safety Act of 2007 which states that these systems must achieve ANSI/ASME A112.19.8 performance standard.

How do I clean and maintain the Swim Machine?

For regular cleaning practices, we recommend that the user clean the intake grills as needed and rub down the stainless steel cylindrical base and grab rails with warm water and a Scotch Brite pad. Clean the acrylic housing with any typical non-ammonia and non-abrasive kitchen cleaner. Because the underside of your Swim Machine will be pulling in water, it may occasionally become necessary to clean the cylindrical base of any debris or leaves that may have entered your pool when the Swim Machine was in operation. With the Swim Machine unit turned off, this is very easy to accomplish while in the pool.

What is the difference between an Endless Pools Fastlane® and an Endless Pool Swim Machine?

There is no performance difference between the Endless Pools Swim Machine and the Endless Pools Fastlane. The Endless Pools Swim Machine has a redesigned exterior (housing) for Fitness Systems. All the interior components and functionality are identical. The Fastlane is specifically designed for pool applications.

Design Features

What is the Swim Lane Benefit? (a.k.a. the teal “tee strips” at the bottom)

The purpose of a swim lane is to help guide the swimmer to stay on point and in line with the counter current. In the SwimCross Exercise Systems, the swim lane will help align the swimmer within the jetted counter swim current. In the Endless Pools Fitness Systems the swim lane provides a point of reference as the swim machine current is deep and wide, providing an optimal counter current regardless of the swimmer’s position in the swim area. Please note a mirror or treadmill will cover the swim lane. In this case the user will use the mirror and/or treadmill as a point of reference to the counter current.

How many main Lights & Points of Light?

All Endless Pools Fitness Systems and SwimCross Exercise Systems have a main light (LED). This light is 6” in diameter and provides direct lighting towards the swim area for visibility.

Additionally, there are water line and step points of light (LED) in the swim area to provide a fully illuminated swim and fitness experience. The E500 has 19 points of light and the X200 has 16 points of light (including the main light).

The automatic timeout of all lights is set to four (4) hours.

Why do we use Teal as an accent color?

The use of Teal resonates with the active lifestyle.

Hydromassage Jets by Model and the unique configuration – why?

The hydromassage jet layouts between Endless Pools Fitness and the SwimCross Exercise systems are different. The different configurations provide differentiation. Both provide a great hydromassage experience.

Why does the SwimCross Exercise System not have an auxiliary panel?

The SwimCross Exercises System is designed to be an opening price point product line. The auxiliary panel differentiates Endless Pool Fitness Systems models from the SwimCross Exercise Systems.

Where are the Tether and Row Kits positioned?

All Endless Pools Fitness and SwimCross Exercise Systems have anchors for row bars and tethers. All anchors are located at the “spa” side of the systems. Endless Pools will offer two aftermarket fitness accessories kits – Swim Tether Kit and Rowing Kit. These kits can be purchased separately.

Images below detail the components of each kit:

Endless Pools Fitness Systems Tether Kit
A. EP Fitness System Canvas Bag
B. 3 Piece Tether Rod
C. Adapter Pin
D. EP Fitness Waist Belt: Gray Neoprene/Black Belt with Static Elastic Cord

Endless Pools Fitness Systems Row Kit
A. EP Fitness System Canvas Bag
B. 2 Stainless Steel Satin Finish Row Bars with Foam Grips
C. 2 Workout Handles
D. 2 Grab Rail Anchor Wraps – used to attached elastic bands
E. Elastic Band used to connect the Row Bars
F. Elastic Bands that connect the Row Bars to the Grab Rails

Under the Hood

Is the metal frame in all models, and why?

The 14 Gauge Galvanized Steel frame is a standard feature for all of Endless Pools Fitness and SwimCross Exercise Systems. We have taken the typical Swim Spa frame and engineered a high quality, extremely durable, and a long lasting frame to differentiate the Endless Pools Fitness Systems from the competition.

How does the base pan attach to the frame?

The base pan is bonded to the 14 gauge galvanized steel using adhesive.

Gecko® System – How fast to heat the System?

The heating rate for each fitness and exercise system is about 1° per hour with a 4kw Gecko® heater. For comparison, to raise the temperature by 10 Degrees the E500 will take approximately 12 hours and the X200 8 hours.

Covers & Lifters

What are the Cover & Lifter options?

Endless Pools Fitness Systems will provide two (2) cover options and two (2) cover lifter options. Please note, a purchase of any Fitness or Exercise System will not come standard with a cover or a cover lifter; these will be purchased separately at the time of ordering.

Cover Type Lifter Type Color Options
Bi-Fold No Lifter Chocolate/Slate
Bi-Fold Watkins Lifter System Chocolate/Slate
VacuSeal® VacuSeal® Lifter Chocolate/Slate

VacuSeal® – What is unique to this cover and lifter?

One of the biggest challenges of swim spa ownership is the opening/closing of the cover. The unique VacuSeal System uses a bottom hinge design that allows for easy removal of the cover in one motion. When closed, each portion of the cover seals together to help prevent heat loss, maximizing energy efficiency.

When closing the cover, a rear support bar guarantees it will always return to its original position, highly important on dual cover products such as swim spas to further assist in preventing heat loss along with water entry and/or evaporation.

The VacuSeal system prevents unintended cover closures by using a rubber padded clamp system to protect the cover’s hinge. A textured handle provides assistance in operating the VacuSeal and can also be used as a robe & towel holder.


Can I use the Gecko App with the Fitness or Exercise System?

The Gecko App can be installed as an aftermarket component by the dealer. The Endless Pools Fitness and SwimCross Exercise Systems will have a “Gecko in.ye” pack installed – which is compatible to the “Gecko in.touch” module required to utilize the Gecko App.

Features of the Gecko App are:

  •  Intuitive layout
  •  Manage all functions
  •  Water care settings
  •  Preset experiences

Does our Endless Pools Fitness Systems have an App?

Endless Pools is in the process of developing a mobile application. The first release will be on the Apple® iOS platform and possibly Android™ at a later date. The iOS release date is yet to be confirmed.

The anticipated functionalities in the Endless Pool mobile application are:

  • Increase or decrease workout time
  • Adjust speed for Swim Machine and Treadmill
  • Workouts – ability to create custom workouts with multiple “sets” that can be programmed to specific time and speeds

Are the Pace Displays for the Swim Machine and Treadmill different?

The Pace Display for the Swim Machine and Treadmill are the same unit, they just require different switch configurations at the hydraulic power units. If the Fitness System has both the Swim Machine and Treadmill, we recommend having two displays so that each speed can be controlled independently. The current aftermarket retail price for each Pace Display unit is $150.

Product Specifications

What is the Warranty of the Endless Pools Fitness Systems?

All Endless Pools Fitness Systems and SwimCross Exercise Systems have the same warranty term lengths and coverages. The only difference is the warranty term lengths and coverages for the Swim Machine & Treadmill.

This matrix provides the warranty coverages and term lengths for each system:

Coverage No Leak Shell Shell Surface No Leak Plumbing Components Heater Cabinet Light Assembly Ozone Sound System Swim Machine Treadmill
EP Fitness 10 7 5 5 5 5 2 2 1 2 2
SwimCross 10 7 5 5 5 5 2 2 1

Water Care

What is UVC Ozone?

All Endless Pools Fitness Systems and SwimCross Exercise Systems are equipped with a combined UVC + Ozone system. This sanitation system is dual process that combines the Corona Discharge Ozone Generator and a UVC lamp. The UVC lamp kills and damages bacteria DNA on contact providing a maximum water sanitation solution. This system is designed to work in conjunction with our water maintenance program (see water maintenance program for details).

What is the Optimal Water Quality?

As with typical Watkins spa models, the water quality program will depend on the mineral content, how often the system is used, and how many people intend to use it.

The Target Water Quality Chart



pH 7.4 7.2 7.8
ALKALINITY 100 ppm 80 ppm 120 ppm
HARDNESS 100 ppm 50 ppm 150 ppm
CHLORINE 1.5 ppm 0.5 ppm 3 ppm

Keeping the system’s water balanced prolongs the life of the system components and will make the water more comfortable.

What is the recommended Water Maintenance Program?

We recommend the following water maintenance program:

  • Filling the System
    Use the Clean Screen pre-filter to remove unwanted contaminants such as rust, dirt, detergents, and algae from the fill waters. Dissolved metals, copper, iron, and manganese are also removed. Always fill the system through the filter compartment. Do not fill the system using water from a swimming pool as pool chemicals are very different from those used in an Endless Pool Fitness and SwimCross Exercise Systems.
  • Establish Proper pH Level
    The recommended range for pH is between 7.2 and 7.8. If the reading is too high, lower the pH by using a pH Down/Decreaser (sodium bisulfate). If the pH level needs to be increased, do so with pH Up/Increaser (sodium hydrogen carbonate). Any pH Up or Down should be added one tablespoon at a time, waiting one-half hour between application and re-measuring.
  • Measure Total Alkalinity
    The ideal range is between 80-120 parts per million (PPM). If the total alkalinity is too high, it should be reduced by using an Alkalinity Down/Decreaser (sodium bisulfate). If the total Alkalinity is too low, it can be increased by adding an Alkalinity Up/Increaser (sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate). These products should be added in small amounts – a tablespoon at a time. After adding one tablespoon, wait one half-hour before re-measuring.
  • Determine Calcium Hardness
    It is important to bring the calcium reading between 50-150 PPM. If the reading requires adjustment, it should now be corrected. If the water is too soft (a low reading) calcium hardness should be added to the water to the increase the PPM reading. If the water is too hard (hard reading), it can corrected by either: A) – a mixture of hard and soft water added to attain a reading the safe range, or B) – addition of stain and scale control. If calcium hardness is a problem with the local source water (either too hard or too soft) a test kit, which measures calcium hardness, is essential.
  • Sanitizing
    The systems must be sanitized using chlorine (sodium dichlor). Add 2 tablespoons of Chlorine, and increase as necessary to reach a level of 0.5-3 ppm. Check and maintain the level weekly, and before and after using the system.

We recommend the following activities in the first couple of months of ownership:

  • Daily:
    Test for free chlorine (FC) after you swim, or at least a few times a week. Add chlorine to maintain FC levels between 0.5 – 3 ppm
  • Twice a week:
    Check and adjust water level. Water should be approximately 6″ from the top. Water 1/2″ lower than this can create a choppy current and may cause your skimmer to draw air into the plumbing lines. Having the water level 1″ or higher will cause more water to get splashed out of the spa. Test for pH at least twice a week.
  • Weekly:
    Test for total alkalinity (TA) once a week.
  • Every two weeks:
    Test for calcium hardness (CH) once every two weeks.
  • Every two months:
    Remove and clean the filter cartridge. After several uses, the cartridge will need to be replaced.

How can we improve the water conservation of our Endless Pools?

Maintaining water in an Endless Pools Fitness and SwimCross Exercise Systems can greatly increase the time between draining and refilling.

Adding a floating blanket between the underside of the cover and the water will also increase savings. The cover reduces evaporation and water waste by 95%.

How frequently is the water turnover?

The fitness systems circulation pump (1/15 hp) and the exercise systems low speed jet pump will turn over water at 30 gallons per minute. The chart below provides the time a full system water turnover will occur and the number of times per day.

  Turn Rate Gallons Full Turnover (mins) Turnovers Per Day
E500 w/ Treadmill 30 1,700 57 25
E500 w/o Treadmill 30 1,735 58 25
X200 30 1,105 37 39

Our recommendation at a minimum is to change 50% of the water annually; however, it is dependent on the amount of usage.

What is the optimal Filter Change/Cleaning Schedule?

We recommend regularly cleaning the filters to maintain high water quality and to replace the filters every three years.

Regular filter cleaning includes:

  • Spray filter cartridges with a garden hose
  • Use a mild, non-abrasive, non-sudsing cleaner and a soft rag or nylon scrubber to remove dirt build-up
  • Use common baking soda to clean small surface areas

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